energy upgrades application


  • Vintage single-family home built at least 30 years ago

  • Home must be owner-occupied

  • Must have an active ComEd® account

  • Home must be located in Suburban Cook County

  • Household income of 80% Area Median Income (AMI) or lower is required to apply—see chart below:

Are you eligible for this program based on the criteria above? If so, you may apply. 


CVHA will review the application carefully. Once your application is preliminarily approved, our weatherization contractor will contact you to schedule an energy assessment of your home to determine the scope of work needed. Scope of work is based on the discretion of our contractor and approved by the Chicagoland Vintage Home Association. 

Energy Upgrades Program Application

CVHA will notify you of your application status within 4 weeks of submitting this completed application. 

Homeowner Information
Household Income & Occupancy Verification
Utility Information

I authorize the Local Gas and Electric Utility to release gas and/or electric consumption records for the past, present, and future years of the homeowner listed on this form, for the purpose of tracking fuel use in my home. These records will be used solely for the purpose of measuring performance outcomes from any energy upgrades funded retrofitting, and will remain confidential.

Homeowner Certification/Signature

I certify that I currently own and occupy the above-mentioned property as my principal residence. I understand and agree that such occupancy is a condition of eligibility for the energy upgrades offering. I certify that I have read and understand this requirement.


As of the time of making this application, any inaccuracy in: a) the income information provided in this certification, or b) the status of the subject property as my principal residence, shall be grounds for rescission and recapture of any retrofit work made to the undersigned by the Chicagoland Vintage Home Association. I agree that in such instance, my proceeds shall be immediately due and payable in full to the Chicagoland Vintage Home Association. I agree to pay any charges or other costs that the Chicagoland Vintage Home Association may incur as a result of collection actions, including, but not limited to, attorney’s fees.


I certify that my household income is equal to or less than the maximum household income limit for that size household identified above. In the event the Certification of Income is executed more than 90 days prior to the closing date, I hereby agree to update and recertify the accuracy of the information herein provided within 90 days of the approval date.


I will be informed of services to be provided in writing, in the form of a contractor’s work order, before agreeing to have the work done. Any carbon credits associated with retrofit work completed through this program are considered the sole property of Cook County, Illinois.


Significant structural issues or extreme barriers to access may impede the weatherization repair/retrofit process. The Chicagoland Vintage Home Association reserves the right to consider these situations on a case by case basis. This application does not constitute a contract. I acknowledge that the Chicagoland Vintage Home Association reserves the right to reject the application for any reason.


I understand the Chicagoland Vintage Home Association does not share household income and occupancy details information with ComEd, and that this information is used solely to determine eligibility for program participation.

Thanks for submitting your Energy Upgrades Program application!